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Galaxy S8: All You Need to Know about the Phone!!

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Smartphones have managed to create an integral place in our lives, making it to be one of the most useful gadgets that can let you perform diverse task in a go. Samsung is today a popular name in the world of smartphones that needs to explanation!

While it was founded in 1969 in South Korea as Samsung Electric Industries, it landed up into the Android market in the year 2009.From semiconductors to televisions, Samsung has proved its ace time and again but over the decade has also turned out to be a world most reputed smartphone manufacturer.

Gearing up for the Samsung Galaxy S8!

While Samsung Galaxy S7 met our expectations right on point, making it to be the most stylish, robust and drool worthy phone in the smartphone market, what could be said about its successor?

Yes, you heard it right! Improvement and volatility is something that dominates the world of smartphones, and there have been a lot of speculations about the features of Samsung Galaxy S8.Let’s talk about what we can expect from another Samsung flagship of high end phone as known from different sources!

With latest leaks of 4K AMO LED screen, whooping 6 GB RAM enormous battery and captivating 30 MP camera ,there is a lot of anticipation around the release of Samsung Galaxy note 8 and S8 plus. Moreover, the claims around curvy screens and panels are adding to the curiosity while the wait is become too long to handle!

What’s sure to come!!

  • As per the news is to believed, the phone is getting officially launched in New York City on 29 March.
  • With a revised eight point battery procedure, the battery life is surely going to be impressive carving more space inside for Samsung S8.

What’s new to the coming line?

According to technology geeks, the “Edge” line of phones might go outdated if it has the same curve line like Samsung galaxy S7.While for buyers it would mean, a classy device with tools and edgy displays, something that makes Samsung set aside from its competitive brands in the market.

Two sized models again?

Keeping up to its old age tradition, the S8 is going to come with its mega size S8 plus model too. While it is also being referred to as the Galaxy S8 Edge, the actual story would get revealed at its official release only.

Samsung one of the ace producers of smartphone in the world will be producing about 16 million copies of the same targeted for its first batch of sale of March, 2017.While the smaller galaxy S8 would share 10 million of this figure, and the larger S8 plus 6 million will account for 6 million. The official sale of the same would begin by mid of April, giving customers appropriate time to place order before its shipment. Though, it is obvious the phone would cost more than its predecessor that is Galaxy S7, as per the speculations are to be believed it would cost $850.

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